Bug Hotel

Scott Tanswell, second year History student, who chairs the Manchester Metropolitan Urban Gardening Society (MMUGS) MMU teamed up with CMAS (Conservation, Marine, Awareness and Scuba Society) to welcome the winter holiday season in a crafty sustainable activity. The students had an action packed day in the John Dalton Edible Garden creating Christmas decorations out of oranges, cinnamon and cloves which can be either hung up on the Christmas tree or used as an air freshener to get the festive spirits going.

As well as the general garden tidying and planting that comes hand in hand with any MMUGS event the team upcycled a rescued chest of drawers. These drawers were originally rescued from the Didsbury Campus proir to the big move to Birley. Sections of the drawers were lined with plastic and soil for plants to grow in whereas the rest were stuffed with old leaves, clothes and twigs to create a safe warm haven for the insects in the garden.

Individual bug hotels were also made for students to take home using an old recycled soda bottle, some recycled electrical wire. This is not the first time this year that that students have created bug hotels.

During the summer students volunteered at Ronald McDonald Charity House and created a bug hotel with the help of Hulme Community Garden Centre. This particular bug hotel was made out of recycled pallets, mud, straw and twigs. This then inspired individual bug hotels to be made for the family fun day for the step in program which helps students with families settle into University life before the semester starts.

If you are inspired by these activities and want to create your own please contact us to share your ideas.





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