Make a Difference Awards Ceremony 2015

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We were pleased to celebrate the second annual MMU Make a Difference Awards on Wednesday the 27th of June. This year alone over 800 students from this Faculty have made positive contributions to communities in and around Manchester Metropolitan University and these awards are recognising this. The Make a Difference awards highlight the huge amount of talent and potential within the Faculty and the passion our students have for their subjects. They also aim to recognise and reward outstanding effort and showcase how our students have been able to apply skills such as Critical Thinking, Creativity and Communication to real-life situations in order to make a difference in our local community.

The Make a Difference awards celebrates success across a number of Faculty-led projects and initiatives.  As well as curriculum-based placements, offering students the opportunity to work with partner organisations from across the city, students have engaged with a number of extra-curricular projects.  More than 75 students from across the Faculty have worked this year as HLSS Schools Outreach Ambassadors, a further 30 have volunteered to work on the Manchester Children’s Book Festival, over 100 students have attended Student Press Office training and have written articles for Humanities Hallows (our Student Press Office blog) with numerous others working on the Humanities in Public series and on Student Societies and other student-led projects.

Staff working closely with these students have nominated people who have stood out to them as demonstrating the best qualities and the highest levels of commitment.  Over 80 individual students were nominated for awards and they are listed in this programme.  As well as providing a lasting record of this year’s students’ achievements, we hope that the Make a Difference awards will inspire students in future years to get involved, not only investing in their own learning but investing in local communities.

The event was covered by one of the student writers from the Student Press Office. To find out the winners of this years categories as well as to read up on the event please visit the article on Humanity Hallows.

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