Manchester Umbrella Doodles and Portico Library Visit- Culture Club


What could be more fitting for the rainy city than a customised umbrella, made by your own fair hands?

Armed with a see-through brolly and a marker pen, this walking art-workshop takes the architecture of  Manchester as its inspiration. On the windows of their umbrellas you will be encouraged to draw the stunning shadow outlines of the amazing buildings you see and
finish them off with glass paints and learn about the history of the city as well. Beautiful – and really rather practical too. A perfect souvenir to end Culture Club for the academic year.

We will then be finishing off the day with afternoon tea at the stunning Portico Library. The library is one of the hidden gems of Manchester and reflects the cultural mind-set of its Georgian and Victorian members during a significant period of Manchester’s illustrious history.

afternoon tea

Sign up to attend the event here!

You will Gain 4 Bronze Points towards your MMU Futures Award by attending this session


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