Teaching Sexual Consent Workshop

consentLogoMMU Make a Difference are proud to work with the charity, Consent, to deliver a one hour interactive workshop around teaching consent with a trained practitioner.The aim of the charity is to decrease the number of people being sexually assaulted by teaching young people about consent.

Consent believes the following things.
1. The number of people being sexually assaulted in the UK is shockingly high, and rising.
2. Young people’s level of knowledge about consent is shockingly low.
3. By teaching young people about consent they are less likely to commit sexual assaults

The aims of these workshops will be to increase participants’ knowledge about the legal as well as moral importance of consent, by examining it in a few different ways covering:

  • The problems surrounding consent and teaching it to today’s students (both in schools and in higher education) and why it is not taught in schools
  • The issues and controversies concerning this sensitive topic and how you might deal with them
  • What the research shows about the right way to teach consent
  • And how that might change your views

This workshop will inform and challenge you in an interactive environment with a trained sex educator and founder of local charity, Consent. You will also have the opportunity register your interest as a trained workshop deliverer at the end of the session.

Please register your interest to attend this session here

You will earn 1 Bronze point towards the MMU Futures Award by attending this session.


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