Labyrinth Storytelling Training

Get trained in the art of labyrintheme immersive multi-sensory storytelling by storyteller and scriptwriter Emily Capstick with another top creative practitioner from Peoplescape Theatre.

Originating in Eastern Europe Labyrinth Theatre offers “a renewed perspective on the ways we perceive and acquire information through our basic senses.  While everything around us competes in terms of getting bigger and louder it also risks becoming two-dimensional and, frankly, quite boring.  We found that this context is actually a great opportunity to surprise our audiences and visitors by becoming three-dimensional: focusing on creating an image inside the head and not in front of the eyes…. [sharing] on a human-to-human level rather than through a patronizing I-will-provide-knowledge experience.”

This may be of interest to anyone interested in education, participatory arts, performance and working with children and young people.

You don’t need to be an actor, performer or have any type of performance experience to create a labyrinth, you just need to be playful and open to new ideas and experiences!

Spaces are limited so sign up NOW!!!


labyrinth logos


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