TRAINING- Presentation skills and public speaking

Join David Shirley Director of School of Theatre from Manchester School of Art for a bespoke workshop on presentation skills and public speaking. David regularly collaborates with the Hallé Orchestra at the Bridgewater Hall and has created this unique workshop specifically to raise confidence in highly sought out skills needed for students in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities.

This is the ideal drama based workshop to encourage you to use a range of  techniques and exercises to deliver presentations be it in the capacity of a Make a Difference Ambassador on campus or in a school environment or in an academic setting in relation to your degree.

Although drama and performance doesn’t come naturally to some people, this session is specifically designed to boost your confidence and to help you find your inner voice, while at the same time raising awareness and providing training and education from addressing contentious situations through the use of role play.

Make sure you sign up to this bespoke fun, creative and energetic workshop now via careerhub

Presentation skills & public speaking- GROUP 1

Presentation skills & public speaking- GROUP 2


Please note that this workshop is ONLY AVAILABLE TO  2016 Make a Difference Ambassadors. We will be recruiting again in January 2017 where this session will once again be repeated to those successful in applying for an Ambassador role. 







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