Autumn Term Human Sciences Seminar Research Programme

We are pleased to present the schedule for the Autumn Term Human Sciences Seminar Research Programme, an invited speaker research seminar run by Philosophy and funded by the Royal Institute of Philosophy that is free and open to everyone. The seminar’s focus this term is History of Philosophy, and that of Philosophy’s contribution to Curating and Museums/Cultural Heritage.

For more information about any of the below lectures and to book a space on the event please email Anna Bergqvist at

20 October: Professor Marco Piazza (Rome 3): ‘Habit in France: The Case of Proust’.

4 November: Professor Nicholas Jolley (University of California Irvine): ‘’Proofs and Demonstrations: Malebranche and Descartes on the Existence of Bodies’.

10 November: Dr Mark Sinclair (Manchester Metropolitan Univeristy): ‘Habit and ‘Real Duration’: Bergson after Lemoine and Ravaisson’.

1 December: Dr Yiota Vassilopoulou (University of Liverpool): ‘Galleries of Inquiry: Philosophy’s contribution to curating, learning, and public engagement practices of today’s Artworld’

8 December: Dr Andreas Pantazatos (Durham University): ‘Epistemic Injustice and Cultural Heritage: Sharing Knowledge for the Future’.

15 December: Dr Lloyd Strickland (Manchester Metropolitan university): ‘Leibniz’s Consilium Aegyptiacum [Egyptian Plan]’.


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