Tutor Trust Recruitment

 The Tutor Trust is recruiting for Autumn 2016

Applications are open until 19th October   


Are you inspiring, enthusiastic and creative?


We are a local charity currently recruiting tutors for Secondary English and Maths as well as Primary Numeracy and Literacy.

Our charitable aim is to democratise tuition – we believe that every child who needs some extra academic support should have the benefit of a great tutor, not just children with parents who can afford a private tutor.  And we believe that tutors are most effective when they work alongside teachers in school and are part of the process of helping every child reach their potential.

Why sign up?

  • Competitive pay – min £12/hr
  • You choose your hours + workload
  • Improve your employability + skillset
  • Gain confidence
  • Give back to the community
  • Comprehensive training and support
  • Gain experience in schools
  • We pay for enhanced DBS+insurance

“Tutoring equips you with a lot of skills and experiences that are adaptable for the future, so that it becomes a building block for your career.” – Sidra, English Tutor

Sign up at http://thetutortrust.org


Candidates must possess the minimum grade of:

A at GCSE in subject(s) to tutor at Secondary level

A/B at GCSE in English and Maths to tutor at Primary level



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