Pop Swap meets Culture Club


For the first time at Manchester Met Culture Club will be joining forces with Pop Swap for an afternoon of swishing, up-cycling and crafting!

The aim of Culture Club is to encourage home students to participate in cultural and language exchange with international students and and what better way then to do it at a pop-up clothes and book exchange in Geoffrey Manton before everyone heads home for the winter break!

This is the perfect opportunity for participants, particularly Erasmus students who are only here for one term, to off load unwanted items they aren’t taking back home with them, which they can then exchange for new (well new second time round). This is in fitting with Pop Swap’s Zero Waste campaign- nothing donated to the Pop Swap will find its way to landfill!

As well as this you will have the chance to up cycle your ‘new’ items with various stations dotted around the atrium helping give them a new lease of life, learn how to reduce your waste, get stuck into arts and crafts activities all while enjoying a warm cup of mulled wine to help get you ready for the winter holidays.

Bring any unwanted items and receive tokens to exchange for new (well new to you). Bring one, take one (up to 15 items of clothing, shoes, accessories, books)

Sign up to attend HERE


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