Last chance to apply as an Ambassador

Make a Difference Ambassador Scheme

The Make a Difference ambassador programme offers students the opportunity to enhance their existing skills and student experience while here at Manchester Met Uni.

As a Make a Difference Ambassador, you will represent the Faculty of Arts & Humanities, and the University as a whole, on events and projects, and engage in other activities which support the Make a Difference project.

There are numerous opportunities you can sign up to throughout the year, extending throughout the summer term. The opportunities are flexible to fit around your study commitments, while still building excellent employability skills that will look great on your CV. Opportunities include training, volunteering, placements, internships, work experience, workshop delivery and mentoring.

Some of the main projects we have that you can concentrate your skills on are:

  • Schools’ Outreach
  • Manchester Children’s Book Festival
  • Community Outreach
  • Create Your Own Opportunities

For more information on how to apply, download the Make a Difference Ambassador application pack here



Application Tips 

ALWAYS evidence your skills a good way to make sure you are doing this is by using the STAR method:

  • S – Situation: i.e. project or activity. Set the scheme for the employer
  • T – Task: what did you set out to achieve?
  • A – Action: what did you do to achieve this task, what was your contribution?
  • R – Result: what was the outcome? An employer will want to know what you learnt from the activity

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