“Why Study…Sociology?”

caitllin-bryanMake a Difference ambassador Caitlin Bryan brought her skills and inspiration to the “Why Study…?” talk taking place at Xaverian College on Tuesday.

Caitlin is currently a second year studying Sociology at the university and has been involved in many of the projects run by Make A Difference. The “Why Study…?” talks are  given by Manchester Met students to further education level students so they can consider the areas of study they may want to pursue.

We asked Caitlin why she wanted to wanted to take part:

“I love being involved with these talks as I’m able to share my passion with other students. I have also gained a lot more confidence with public speaking!”

Claudia Conerney, as the School Liaison Co-coordinator organises these sessions as part of Schools Outreach programme and teachers are finding that the ambassadors are really hitting their mark. Caitlin’s feedback from the session was fantastic:

“It was incredibly informative and both the teacher and students loved it. Although the students were incredibly quiet during the session (I imagine to show you that they can behave very well), they have since come to tell me that they enjoyed it and it has helped with thinking about the future.”

Read more on Xaverian College’s blog …





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