Practice Assessment Centre Day

Thursday 27 April / 10AM  – 2PM

Make a Difference, Careers and the Placements and Internship Team have arranged for external assessors to come in and assess students on numerous tasks you would find at an assessment centre.

Assessment centres are a series of exercises commonly used by employers to test skills which are not assessable from the traditional interview alone and traditionally last a whole day.

This Practice Day will introduce you to the various components and activities you will find at a centre. The day will consist of:

  • 5 minute Individual presentations
  • Group Activities
  • networking lunch with external assessors
  • 15 minute Panel interviews

Throughout the day you will be examined on a score sheet filled by an assessor. Each candidate will be will examined against their individual score sheet and feedback will be provided after the event unlike an assessment centre.

Assessors on the day will be from external organisations such as schools, the public service sector, creative industry and more. These organisations may run their own assessment centre scheme and may provide future job or work experience opportunities.

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Preparation for the Practice Assessment Centre

We want to make sure that you are prepared for when you head into the practice assessment centre day and can anticipate what skills and attributes the assessors are looking for.

Book onto the introductory sessions run by Manchester Met Careers below to gain insider knowledge prior to the event.

Intro to Video Interviews

Mon 27 Mar– This session will provide you with the knowledge of how prepare for a video interview and how to present yourself effectively.

Intro to Assessment Centres:

Tue 25 Apr– Learn about what to expect from an assessment centre and how to effectively demonstrate the skills assessors are looking for.

Intro to LinkedIn and Networking

Wed 26 Apr- Determine how to understand and research the job market and network effectively.


This activity is offered through the Futures Skills Award, designed to help you develop your skills and experience to achieve future career success.Click here to find out more or here to watch our video.


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